May 18, 2022

Good News in Burgundy!

Spring is now well established here, so the work in the vineyards keeps us 100% busy. We had almost forgotten what a normal year is!

As I say to the children, in graphic terms of video games (as it speaks to them), we have passed Level 1: the frost has not done any damage this year. But Princess Harvest is not yet saved: there are still quite a few levels before reaching the end!

Seriously, for the moment the vines are really beautiful with a good output of grapes. We have started debudding but, given the speed at which the vine grows, we will very quickly be overwhelmed and have to pick up without having finished the first debudding step. But frankly it really doesn’t matter!!!!

Voilà pour les dernières news bourguignonnes.

Gaëlle Meunier
Domaine Gaëlle et Jérôme Meunier
Côte Chalonnaise