May 31, 2022

Domaine l’Aumonier Goes Biodynamic

Domaine l’Aumonier in Touraine has moved from over a decade of organic to biodynamic farming. Here’s the update from the domaine’s Sophie Chardon:

Biodynamics is going well, we have completed the passage of 500 P (horn dung) for the structuring of our soils, the development of the root system, and the activation of microbial life. We are waiting for the conditions to be optimal to add silica (we need more freshness) to strengthen the immunity of the plants.

With this dry weather and the heat recently, we have not yet started to treat the plants (copper and sulfur). But there is no reason at the moment because there is little risk of mildew and powdery mildew contamination.

Depending on the weather, this year we are going to combine our copper treatments with horsetail and nettle teas to strengthen protection against cryptogamic (fungus) diseases if necessary. If the year is very hot, we will probably use yarrow herbal teas which have refreshing properties.