January 22, 2022

Château Coupe-Roses Wins Innovation Prize

Château Coupe-Roses recently won the “Innovation Prize” of the Agroecology Trophies 2021-2022 for Occitane in Languedoc. The prize rewards particularly innovative farmers in their agro-ecological practices.

The domaine’s approach to implementing resilient viticulture is to promote biodiversity in and around the parcels. Located in a territory of strong environmental and heritage interest and in a disadvantaged mountain area, the domaine has modified its operating system to rely on the natural ecosystems: limiting the use of phytosanitary products, accommodating biodiversity, and using no irrigation while blending into the landscape.

The domaine, certified organic, has planted hedges and has set up agroforestry in cooperation with groups of farmers for grazing in the vineyards in an effort to combat climate change. Above are some of the parcels farmed by Coupe Roses on the limestone plateau in the high Minervois.