May 19, 2020

Update from Gaillac, France

The vines are naturally confined since in principle they stay where they are planted. So confinement doesn’t scare them, and they give themselves over to it with joy! Especially since after a very mild winter, the spring has been fairly mild as well. These last few weeks we have had numerous storms and showers, but that is pretty normal at this time of year. We have to be careful and treat against mildew as soon as possible before the new rain which is forecast arrives. For the moment, everything is fine with plenty of work to do as is always the case at this period where the vines are growing rapidly.

There are many inflorescences, so the harvest promises to be good if the flowering and fertilization go well….and if a hail storm doesn’t break everything. Budding will be soon, and with the return of good weather forecast for next week, we should be able to see the first flowers of the vines. We have therefore a significant precocity of 10-15 days ahead of the average dates. That is to say that harvest could begin around 20/25 August. But we are not there yet…

That is our vine news. We are going to bottle the last of the 2018 reds, Les Gravels, Renaissance and l’Ame at the beginning of June and July. As far as commerce, of course it is a bit complicated. But our individual customers have been very supportive, many have responded to our offers. That does not replace everything, of course, but it is a plus.

Bon courage to the entire team. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Bien cordialement,
Alain Rotier
Domaine Rotier