March 19, 2020

Letter From France

We are confined at home since 4 days ago; it’s really crazy but our family is doing well. One often imagines all sorts of things but we would never have thought we would live to see this. There’s no protocol to put in place, we have to reinvent everything every day.

In France, Alsace and Ile de France are particularly affected. Here in Burgundy the contaminated cases increase every day, but the positive note is that there are also those who are cured.

For our domain, commerce is on standby but the work in the vineyards continues because nature won’t wait during the lockdown. We are lucky to be able to go out in the vines, we breathe in the fresh air and sunshine and listen to the birds sing and that is good for our souls.

Our employees go directly to the vines without coming to the domain; each one has different parcels in different communes. Thankfully agriculture and viticulture are both work outdoors where there is less confinement and we can better manage the crisis…but for how long? We can stay positive with the lockdown for 2 weeks, but I think that it will last longer.

In this period of anxiety we are lucky to have become grandparents for the second time. A little girl, who is going to bring us a lot of love even if we cannot see her until later. But what an odd arrival in the world for her.

I wish you, your family, and the entire team bon courage for the days and weeks to come. Especially take care of yourself.

–Sylvaine Normand, Domaine Alain & Sylvaine Normand in Mâcon, March 19th, 2020