Sue Behringer

Sue Behringer


S ue got into wine back in 2000 when she joined a brokerage of small growers that Debra later came to manage. Sue was attracted both to the requirement of French fluency and the managerial prerequisites, having taught French, been a preschool director, and the manager of a research lab.

To this day, Sue considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to use her French language skills so frequently (and to this day, it makes her crazy that the company materials use the French spelling of domain[e] in its writings about the farms it works with because people might think her employers don’t know how to spell, but she gave up that fight).

When Debra made the transition to Vintage ’59, Sue was asked to stay on a few months to help and never left. For her, the most enjoyable part of working with Vintage ’59 is the interactions with people. “I love each and every one of our French growers, who are all good friends at this point,” she says. “I also enjoy the people I work with; we are truly a team.”

Sue has four grandchildren, aged 9 to 20, who give her great joy—as did traveling with her husband, whose work in Physics sent him the world over.