May 23, 2019

Domaine Pfister Has A New Look!

I am pleased to announce the recent changes implemented at Domaine Pfister.

I’ll start with the basics, which will not change: the quality of our wines, fruit of the efforts of the 7 generations of Pfisters who preceded me; the diversity of our offer; the level of requirement that characterizes our work from the vineyard to the cellar. These constants explain your trust and loyalty.

You will discover a new identity, a new way of talking about my wines, a new way of naming them. Our new contemporary and sober image fits me more. An image that also looks like my wines, which I wanted to give an identity in the complex range of wines of Alsace. This project brings the family together, my parents have largely supported me (even pushed!) in this transition. And they continue to support me, with happiness.

Our new logo symbolizes the plots we have the good luck to cultivate in Dahlenheim. For those who have visited us, it will probably remind you of the paintings of the four seasons that adorn our walls in our cellar doors. We have always chosen, for a long time, to craft food-friendly, i.e. gastronomic wines. Gastronomie in French is the meal when it is not commonplace. It’s the family meal, the party meal at 2 or 200, the chef’s meal. And it is an art based on the harmonious combination of food and wine. A gastronomic wine is elegant but not flashy, well bred, so comfortable on all occasions, fine but never pretentious.

Finally, you will discover here that each of our wines has a name.This choice was guided by the fact that each of them has a real personality, unique, strong and constant, stemming from its origins and its history. They are more than just a grape variety, in which their own characters would be diluted.

-Mélanie Pfister