August 3, 2016

Weather Disaster in Burgundy

Dear Clients and Friends,

First, a huge thanks to all of you who supported us during this tumultuous period!

Just a month after a night of frost on April 26-27 [the photo above is of Vaucoupin on this night] which had already done some damage, the hailstorm of Friday, May 27th will always remain in our memory.

In just a few minutes the fruit of one year of work was destroyed by more than 70%.

In total for our domain, 12 of our 14 hectares were touched, 6 of them 100%. No 2016 harvest on these parcels and certainly serious consequences for the 2017 harvest.

Since the creation of the domain, we have never known such a situation. We are counting on your understanding to get through these difficult times together.

Your friends,
Didier and Pascal Picq
June 9, 2016