Per Henning Iverson

Per Henning Iverson

SF Peninsula Sales

H enning is a Bay Area native who started washing dishes and chopping vegetables in a professional kitchen as an impressionable fifteen-year-old.

As a result, he left his coastal paradise to study at Purdue University’s school of hospitality, and learned the fundamentals of wine during an internship at the Inn at Little Washington.

After graduating, he staged at Era-Ora in Copenhagen (a Michelin one-star and the largest importer of fine wine in Northern Europe), where he worked with wine by day and cooked on the line by night. When the money ran out, Henning returned to the States to assist in opening and rehabilitating resorts on the East Coast.

He then jumped into the wholesale side by taking a job with Virginia’s The Country Vintner, which represented Vintage ’59. Alas, he desperately missed the big blue Pacific! He returned to its waters and climate, picked up a V59 bag, and works up and down the coast.

When Henning is waiting for the next big one on his surf board, he thinks often of the 1962 Jean-Michel Gaunoux Pommard Les Perrières he tasted at the domain.