Champagne Diebolt-Vallois, Cramant

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Country & RegionFrance,Champagne, Cramant
ProducerJacques Diebolt, Nadia Vallois, Isabelle & Arnaud Diebolt
FoundedFamily property since the 15th century; current Diebolts took the helm in 1978.

Jacques Diebolt’s family came to the Côte des Blancs from Alsace in the nineteenth century. With his wife, Nadia Vallois, and now with his son and daughter, he owns nearly 19 hectares (47 acres) of Chardonnay vines, divided between Cuis, a 95% Échelle premier cru village, the grand cru (100% Échelle) village of Cramant, and small parcels in Epernay and Chouilly. Cramant’s Chardonnay is round, elegant and creamy and Jacques Diebolt knows how to make use of these characteristics to create an elegant champagne which is amazing for its consistency year after year.

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For Jacques Diebolt, winemaking is his passion; he is passionately committed to the idea that champagne is first and foremost a wine and that good winemaking starts in the vineyards. A large percentage of his 135,000 bottle annual production goes to top restaurants in France.

The Wines

Grand Cru Cuvée Prestige NV
ChardonnayFrom the domaine's oldest and best vines (40-65 years old) in Cramant. Ages in foudres. Seamless wine with a good balance between finesse, vinosity and freshness.
Vintage Grand Cru "Fleur de Passion"ChardonnayA return to the traditional practices of Jacque's grandfather. From 7 or 8 plots of vines planted on hillsides in Cramant. Both vinified and aged in old wooden barrels. Malo is blocked, no bâtonnage, no cold stabilization, and no filtration. Excellent minerality, pure race, incredible length.
Blanc de Blancs NV
ChardonnayGrapes come 2/3 from vineyards in Cuis and rest from Cramant and Epernay. A rich, medium-bodied champagne with a firm structure. Ferments in thermostatically-controlled vats.

ChardonnayFrom vineyards in Cuis and Chouilly as well as from fruit from parcels in Epernay. The usual Diebolt style--creamy and elegant.