April 4, 2017

Letter from Jacquesson on the release of Cuvée 740

Dear Vintage ’59 Team,

You will not find cépages details anymore on our brochures, back labels and other documents.

The Cuvée 700 can be considered as the Wine of the Domaine as it represents on average 95% of the production. It means that the % of cépages does not vary a lot; 50% + chardonnay, 50%- pinots, half of each pinot, plus or minus a few % every year.

And also most producers now indicate cépage and they use the same cépages as us! This is the reason why we have decided to replace the cépages by the villages. We believe that the Cuvée 700 is more influenced by the terroirs it comes from than by the grape varieties which compose it.

With our viticulture becoming more and more precise, the importance of the terroir is reinforced and the villages (and their terroirs) indicated on our back labels are quite prestigious.

The Cuvée becomes also more focused on the base vintage than before. The % of reserve wines used to be around 30%, it’s now down around 20%. Unfortunately, the BATF obliged us to remove a part of the back label for the 740 that was showing that focus: “l’expression d’une année”, but you see in which direction we are going.

We would like people to understand that Jacquesson, albeit different, is in fact simpler in its concept than anyone else in the region: we make one wine per year and we release it twice (the 7xx and the Dégorgement Tardif), the single vineyards being sort of little “garage wines” produced only when not needed in the Cuvée and judged exceptionally good by the brothers…