January 31, 2017

An interview with Bertrand Lilbert

Interview with Bertrand Lilbert of Champagne Lilbert by @yokobubble on Instagram:

• What is the best thing being a Champagne grower?
– “To have a chance to be in each step from the vineyard to what goes in the glass.”

• If not working as a Champagne grower, what would you do?
– “Enologist. I always wanted to work with wine even when I was little. So if not making Champagne here at my place, I would like to work with other people & continue to make wine.”

• Most memorable bottle?
– “1964 vintage my father made. It was also the year my parents got married and was the first harvest for my mother. We still have some of this vintage in the cellar and open for special occasions. And it is really good with foie gras! Outside Champagne, I love wines from the Rhone region, especially Cote Rotie.”

• Favorite pairing with Champagne?
– “I like it with fish or scallops with white butter-based sauce. Also it is very simple but chicken & mushrooms served with sauce made from a little bit of Champagne. And this one is new for me but goat cheese is very nice with Champagne!”