July 17, 2018

Allez les Bleus!

We asked honorary V59 family member, former employee, and fanatical French expatriate soccer fan, Pierre Delamarre, for his thoughts on France’s recent win at The World Cup. The following is uncut:

On a gagné!

I am beyond pumped and to understand why, you got to look back at the French football history over the last 12 years:
1) 2006 World Cup: The headbutt. Zizou is still my hero though.
2) 2008 Euro: We did not win a game and finished last of our group. After this horrible show, the then coach (Domenech) decided it would not be awkward at all to propose to his girlfriend during the exit interview. She said no.
3) 2010 World Cup: We barely qualified to the World Cup thanks to a handball from Henry against Ireland in the elimination game. We then go to the World Cup and build a lot of bad French stereotypes. A player gets benched for calling the coach a “son of bitch” at half time of the second game. The rest of the team then decides to go on strike for the rest of the world cup. We left the world cup with no wins to show for.
4) 2012 Euro: Lost in the round of 16.
5) 2015: French striker Karime Benzema is arrested for blackmailing one of his French teammates with a sex tape.

We did better at the 2014 World Cup and we did very good in the 2016 European championship. For die hard fans like myself, this year is a huge relief after 12 years of agony dealing with a bunch of immature players and coaches who lost focus of what is at stake. On a cultural standpoint it’s huge too. Having a diverse team of humble and hardworking players succeeding at the highest level is huge for the country’s unity. Similarly to the USA, we too have a lot of social tensions back home and a lot of French players have been unfairly targeted by the far right. A French team doing well helps politicians that try to bridge the gap and quiets down politicians who thrive on division. I would highly recommend checking out the “Les Bleus, une autre histoire de France” on Netflix. It is really good. All in all, they have played a great brand of football and have done an outstanding job representing us to the outside world.

Allez les Bleus!!!!!